Hey guys! Just a couple quick notes....

The photos you'll find on this page are full color web edits (low resolution) with my watermark. The purpose of this gallery is to view the photos that I captured and also share them with people if you want. I have all the full resolution images stored in my Amazon Cloud drive. I edited them in four different styles, including: Full color (seen in this gallery), Traditional Black & White, High Contrast Black & White, and Sepia. I separated all four styles into different galleries in my Cloud Drive and you will find links to each gallery below. Anyone who you share the links with will be able to access and download the images. I didn't include my watermark on any of the high-res photos, but all I ask is that you mention me if anyone asks who took the photos. You can just have them contact me through matthewshelbourn.com/contact . Keep in mind that the full resolution files are roughly 20MB each so when you are viewing the galleries I suggest you do it on a computer.

Thanks for letting me your photographer for a night! It was a lot of fun seeing some familiar faces and I really enjoyed the tunes. Let me know if you have any issues or questions. Take it easy.


Full Resolution Image Galleries

Style 1: Full Color Edit

Style 2: Traditional Black & White

Style 3: High Contrast Black & White

Style 4: Sepia

Preview Gallery: Full Color Edits (w/watermark)